Tácfol Kft.

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    Tácfol Kft.

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    +36 49 521664

    Tácfol Ltd. – established by Remat cPlc. and Manitox Ltd. - started its’ operations in August of 2011. As it is commonly known, Remat cPlc. deals with the collection and recycling of film plastic waste, meanwhile Manitox Ltd’s main field of activity has been plastic film production and sales since middle of 90’s. Tácfol Ltd. can be found in the heart of Hungary, in a small village called Tác next to Székesfehérvár. The company’s name refers to this village and the main product. Based on the result of the past one and half years we are proud of becoming Hungary’s most dynamically developing plastic film production company. We are dedicated to producing high quality foil for not just according to the domestic, but according to the European standards as well. As one of Hungary’s main plastic processing companies our goal is to become well-known in the European marketplace. Main facts about our production: The high quality polyethylene regranule is supplied by Remat cPlc. for our company. This regranule will be used in 75-80% of our production, since in the rest 20-25% we process primer polyethylene granule. The competitiveness of Tácfol Ltd. is increased not only by the adequate knowledge and high-quality raw materials, but also by the high-performing production equipments. Our extruders and plastic bag manufacturing plants are representing world class in their brands (Tecom, Cincinnati, Bandera so as Lemo, Arvor). Currently we have 6 monofilm extruders and 1 co-extruder which are suitable for the film production up to 3 layers. As part of high-quality film processing we also undertake the production of perforated, micro-perforated and punched goods. We possess also ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 quality certificates, which can be downloaded from our website.



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